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One crucial part of designing your blog is to make sure that you have a fully functional, easy to navigate, stylish, and customizable theme. A premium WordPress theme gives your blog a unique style and allows you to manage it easier.

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What should you look for in a theme?

Your theme should have some elements in it that will make your life easier as a blogger. Of course, it does depend on the goal of your blog. Do you want your blog to look professional, do you want it to promoted design, do you want it to convert, is it for a business?

What are you trying to accomplish with your blog?

The platform that I find is the easiest to blog on is WordPress. With that being said, you need to make sure that it is WordPress compatible. I made the bad mistake once of paying for a theme and then realizing it was not compatible with WordPress. Big bummer!

Your blog should also:

  1. Support plugins
  2. Be responsive on all types of media
  3. Have customer support
  4. Allow customizable menus and features
  5. Be dynamic and easy to navigate through
  6. Have great design elements

Many of the premium blog themes have all of these features and more. Free themes won’t give you that much freedom on your blog.

Don’t waste your time with free themes as you will get annoyed at some point that the fuctionality you need is not there.

Why get a premium WordPress theme?

If you are on the fence about getting a premium theme, then I am here to push you over (figuratively speaking!) Having a premium theme can be beneficial in a lot of ways. Some of the main benefits of a premium theme will allow you much more flexibility when designing your site.


Premium themes are customizable. Have you seen blogs with amazing looking titles or menus that are different colors? With a customizable theme you are able to change the logo of your site to an image that you created, making your blog title and brand stand out.

You can create an easy logo using Canva and upload the logo as your site title.


Premium themes give you more menu options. Maybe you have the basic top menu on your current theme. If your blog is a business you may want a separate menu just for information on the business such as policies, returns, or contact information. With a customizable theme you can add another menu with ease.


Premium themes allow you to use custom CSS and colors. Custom CSS is handy if you have to make changes to a specific feature on several pages of your site. For example, changing the link color throughout your entire website. With CSS a simple code can change it on every page.

Customizable theme


Premium themes give you support. Are you having trouble setting up a theme? Is it not functioning the way you thought it would? Instead of hiring a professional developer to work with your theme, you can just contact the support that comes with premium themes. It is included at no cost and many themes have additional support on how to set up a WordPress site or how to use other products that are recommended for that theme.

Beautiful customizable themes

Why I like Premium WordPress Themes

I am not super savvy when it comes to website development. I don’t code my own website or use the custom CSS option but I do like designing my page.

The great thing about premium themes is it actually cuts down on the amount of tech work and programming that will have to do for your blog. You can get your blog designed the way you want with just a couple pushes of a button.

Why not a free theme?

For the absolute beginner who is just trying to get words on a page, a free theme may work well. It will give you a platform to start on and a generic set up for you to start building. Sure you are saving money but is a free theme worth it?

The short answer, no.

A free theme is not worth the time and frustration that it will take just for your blog to look halfway decent. If you are going to do all the work, why not do it on a theme that you will love to look at?

Free themes are not only poorly designed but they don’t have the same functions as a premium theme would have. There are some things you just can’t customize and it will drive you up the wall.

Save the headache and just invest in a good theme.

Where to get a Premium WordPress Theme

I’ve found several websites where you can buy premium themes that are functional, feminine, and customizable. I like these because they are all designed for the modern blogger.

Customizable theme pretty

#1: Pretty Darn Cute Designs

A fun site that has a variety of different themes for all types of blogs. These responsive WordPress themes are built for blogs that revolve around a specific topic, but you can adapt them to any type of website you have. They are colorful, fun, and feminine.

#2: ThemeForest

ThemeForest is my personal favorite and I have been using it for a while. They have many diffrerent types of premium themes at all different prices. You can find a responsive WordPress theme for cheap. They have a variety of styles to choose from and they are customizable.

Customizable theme beautiful

#3: Beautiful Dawn Designs

Beautiful Dawn Designs also makes premium themes with a feminine touch. The themes are beautiful and girly. With simple design they look clean and they are fully functional and customizable.

Customizable theme girl blog

#4: Bluchic

If you are looking for beautifully designed feminine WordPress themes, this is the perfect place. These themes are perfect for a blog and come with customizable features that will make your blog stand out.

#5: Alienwp

I’ve used this theme on my blog for a while. Easy to use with no glitches or errors on their themes. They are responsive and customizable. Alienwp gives you the added benefit when you purchase a theme of their free signature maker and discounts on popular services that you can use on your blog.

#6: Pipdig.co

This company offers responsive and customizable themes for WordPress. I love that in their support section they teach you exactly how to fully set up a functional WordPress site. They can even transfer your blog from a free platform like Blogger or Wp.com to WordPress. You get free installation and support all the way through.

What themes do the professional bloggers use?

Recently I found a great resource for bloggers. If you ever go to your favorite bloggers webpage and wonder what theme they have set up on there blog, you can go here and find out. Just type in the webpage and wa la, the theme will come up.

Getting a premium WordPress theme is worth every penny. It saves you a lot of time and frustration when you go to customize and design your blog and it’s settings. The most popular theme used by bloggers who make the most money monthly was Genesis by StudioPress. I can see why, as this theme is highly customizable and looks great on mobile.

Customizable You will spend anywhere from $20-$75 on a good theme. But don’t worry, it is a one time purchase and you will benefit vastly from having one.

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Hope that helps guys! Please comment below if you love your theme and where you got it.

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