Welcome to Revolves Around You!

I just thought I would give you a quick introduction.

Hello, my name is Rachel. Thank you for visiting my site. So I have developed several blogs from scratch and decided to dedicate this one to helping others create their own unique blog.

I have a lot of ideas on how you can make your blog your own. Your blog is an expression of you. It revolves around you. It gives readers a sense of personality, authority, and may show your values. Blogging can be very rewarding as it allows you to show your own unique voice in the online world.

It also can be profitable and can help you support your family…which I will also discuss.

Revolves Around You was created to help other bloggers. I strive to teach others how to create a blog that revolves around you.





About the Blog

This blog will help you with blog creation and sales strategies. It is designed to help you learn more and understand blogging and how to do it effectively. Here is where to get started…


About Me

I strive to create a ultimately helpful yet also amusing blog that will hopefully inspire you to do something great today like start a blog of your own maybe or something like that.

Professionally, I enjoy blogging, connecting with people, and Pinning. Non-professionally, I am a new mom, a daydreamer, and an introvert. I enjoy the simple things like playing with my daughter and coffee in the morning.



The Resources page will help you excel in your journey by providing you my personal favorite resources that work for me and that will hopefully work for you too.

I currently provide my website creation, design, and Pinterest skills for a reasonable price. Book me to help you work on your businesses website. If you would like to work with me, please feel free to reach out at admin@revolvesaroundyou.com

or reach out to me on Fiverr.com @ RayAlice