Blogging Tasks You Can Do on your Smartphone

Shiny object syndrome

With such a busy schedule it is extremely hard for me to sit down and get a blog post typed up. I need to save every moment I get of free time just to get that done.

Other tasks just don’t make it into the schedule. It is hard to post when you have no idea what to write about. I end up using my free time staring at a blank screen frustrated by writer’s block.

That is why it is good to get minimal tasks done on the go. With only my smart phone handy I have compiled a list of things that you can get done on quick little breaks with just a smart phone in hand.

1. Speech to text

The speech to text feature on your phone allows you to just speak memos or ideas into the phone and it is typed out. If you are an Iphone user, you can use speech to text by going into your Notes app>Clicking on the microphone on the phone’s keyboard>and start speaking. If you prefer talking over writing, you can have an entire blog created just by speaking your ideas into existence.

2. Take notes for ideas on posts

Take quick notes for ideas on posts by using a simple headline formula. Think of How to or Top Ways to, then find an action and how it will help your reader.

I like to use Evernote for note-taking because it is simple to use and spans across all platforms so I can finish my notes on my PC or tablet later.

3. Make outlines

Make an outline of a blog post so when you are back home and on the computer you can easily type it up by following the outline.

4. Create Pinterest images with Canva

Canva is extremely easy to work with on all platforms, which is the number one reason I use it to create my social media images. Pinterest images are easy to create with Canva and the smart phone version gives you more capability and ease of use than the tablet version does.

5. Pin on Pinterest

Manual pinning has been proven to be effective in bringing traffic to your blog. You can also schedule your pins on Tailwind to get more exposure right on your smart phone.

6. Answer emails

Checking your email and writing a quick note back is an easy and quick task you can do easily on your smart phone. Just make sure you delete the “sent from a smartphone” at the bottom of the email to make it seem more professional.

7. Review posts for SEO

You can always make your posts more SEO friendly. Use the Yoast SEO plug-in to analyze your keyword and readability of your post. Go through and apply the suggestions that are offered to make your post more SEO friendly.

Don’t forget to review your previous posts and improve the SEO on those. You can also make your images more SEO friendly by adding alt tags and descriptions to all images on the post.

8. Comment and connect with other bloggers

If you have a little extra time you can browse through other blogs and add your two cents in their comment box. This will allow you to connect with other bloggers in your niche. Create a connection so they remember you in case you have to reach out to them for a favor.

In your comment you can also place a link back to your blog which will get your blog more page views and back links. A simple comment about what you think about another person’s post is easy to do right from your phone.

9. Watch and Listen to Courses

Looking to learn more about a topic to improve your blog?

Watching and listening to courses on your smartphone is easy to do virtually anywhere. Skillshare is the best course platform I have found as their courses go way in depth on their topics and they offer a free two months. The Skillshare platform is easy to navigate and you can learn anything from beginner level to very advanced in a plethora of different topics.

Don’t Waste Time

You don’t have to remain idol when you don’t have your computer handy. There are plenty of blogging tasks you can do on your smartphone in your spare time.

The more you get done on your spare time, the more you can focus on the work that needs to get done on a computer. Typing posts, building the webpage and email sequences, and uploading video is hard to do on a phone, so you can reserve those specifically for when you have time to sit down at a computer.

Time management is very important when it comes to building your online blog or business. Ready to get started with the necessary steps to start a blog of your own? Join my FREE Blogging Course and start building your blog now!

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