Boost Your Traffic With These Quick Tips

Traffic is a tricky thing.

Even though I have been blogging for years, I’ve always had trouble with getting traffic to my blog.

For some people, it seems to come so easily. They just write a post and they get thousands of people reading it and commenting. Just to be honest, I have no idea how that happens.

If I were to say that I have one downfall it would be getting traffic to my blog.

Not just any traffic though. The kind of traffic that you want for your blog. It’s called quality traffic. 

Quality traffic is not just someone browsing through your site, it is someone who has typed a keyword for a problem they were having and your site came up. Or maybe they were recommended by a friend. Or maybe an enticing offer lured them in.

Either way, these examples are quality traffic, traffic in which your audience needs you and wants to support you which is going to make them more likely to take your advice and purchase your services.

The main things that will get you quality traffic are:

  • SEO
  • Community
  • Promotion


First, your posts have to have great SEO. If your post has a targeted keyword and is optimized for

The ideal way to do this is to research your keywords first. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to research your keywords. What you are looking for is a keyword that has a high amount of traffic with low competition. This will mean that it is searched a lot, but not everyone is writing about the topic.

Another way to determine if a keyword is a good one is to type it into Pinterest or another search engine. I suggest Pinterest because it works like a search engine and whenever you type in something on the search bar, it will come up with similar topics or different ways to write the keyword.

Here’s an example…

Quick tips to get more traffic to your blog

Using Pinterest in order to find your keyword is great because it will bring up a bunch of keywords that are similar and are searched. So now you know what people are searching for.

Now if you are still a little lost, Kristi Murphy has some excellent suggestions on where to put your keywords on your blog. With her method, it’s easy to integrate keywords into your posts. Not only that, but they are positioned very strategically in places where it doesn’t seem overwhelming.




Example of SEO keyword/traffic boosting program – affiliate link


Building a community around you blog and blog posts is an important part of getting traffic to your blog. People need to know what you’re about, and most importantly, that you exist.

Word of mouth is the best and cheapest form of traffic your blog can get. If people like your posts, they will promote them, and that is how you get back links and traffic from other sites.

Blog posting

If you are just starting out, I would recommend posting on some articles that you find interesting. Leave a brief comment about how the post has helped you, or how you can adapt it to your own life.

Facebook community and groups

Joining or starting a facebook group is a great way to connect with people who share the same interests.

Pinterest group boards

Pinterest group boards fall into the same category. If you find a blog that you like to read, see if they have a Pinterest group board that you can be a part off.

When you post in the group board, you will be seen by their followers which can bring a substantial amount of traffic to your blog.

They have Pinterest group boards for every category. Find you favorite bloggers and see if they have one for their Pinterest site.

It would also be a good idea to create your own Pinterest group board so that others can connect to you and your followers.


the next step to gain traffic is promoting the heck out of it.

Promote your blog by:

Sponsored posts

A sponsored post is a post that you write for another blog or company that will link back to your blog. Whether you add links to the words on your post or put your site in the about author section, having a link back to your page will help you boost traffic.

Blog sites and organizations

Write on other people’s blogs, encourage them, leave them a comment, support people who are trying to do the same thing in a similar situation. The more you create the buzz, the more it will come around back to you.

Social media promotion

Of course there is the obvious promotion on social media. Whether to your friends or through paid ads, promoting on social media will put your brand out there for the world to see.

It’s all about the backlinks

In order to grow yourself, you must help others grow. When inspired by a concept or idea, give credit where credit is due. That’s just one little way you can give back to the blogger community.




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