How to Create Your Own Pinterest Images Using Canva


So you just started your blog. Or maybe you have had a blog for a while, but you are dying to find out how you create your own Pinterest images so you can start getting a bigger social media presence for you blog. Either way this post is for you.

I believe that one of the most important things to starting a blog, if your use Pinterest for your traffic strategy, is having Pinable images. If you are just starting out blogging, then that is even better because you can make Pinable images as you post instead of having to redo the images in your blog posts.

How do you create your own Pinterest images?

I use a program called Canva. Canva has a an easy to use interface and allows you to give your Pinterest images personality.

Here is a quick tutorial on Canva…

What type of Pinterest image are you trying to create?

There are 2 different types of Pinterest images:

Blog Post Image – Blog Post Image will be the featured image on your blog post.

Infographic – Infograhics tell all the information on that one image. It may be a number of ways or steps, but it is like fitting an entire blog post on one small image.

Typically these types of Pins don’t get a lot of traffic to your blog site. Since I am talking about getting traffic to your blog, I will just talk about the Blog Post Image is this post.

Creating a Blog Post Pinterest Image

Choosing a Size for your Pinterest Image

Using Canva, you have the option of creating your own custom sized image or choosing from popular image sizes.

Choose a longer size. They do have a default Pinterest image template but I usually make mine a little bit longer to fit the structure of the Pinterest platform. Pinterest’s platform is basically designed to feed the urge to scroll. So it makes sense that the longer the image the longer someone would look at it.

Some common Pinterest image sizes according to are…

  • Profile images: 165 x 165 pixels.
  • Pins in feed: 238 pixels x adjusted to height.
  • Expanded pin size: 735 pixels x adjusted to height.
  • Pin boards complete size: 238 x 284 pixels.
  • Cover image: 217 x 146 pixels.
  • Tiny thumbnails: 51 x 51 pixels.

If you chose to use Canva, you can create a custom size by clicking the button at the top right hand side labeled “Custom Dimensions”. You can also choose their common Pinterest image size which is 735px X 1022px. Having an image this large will help the resolution of the image so it shows up clear and not pixelated.

Choosing a Color Scheme for your Pinterest Image

Have a uniform color scheme. The color scheme is an important part of your Pinterest image. Whatever color scheme you choose, you can make sure it is uniform for all the posts in your blog.

If you decide to use the same color scheme for every blog post, it will give a more professional look to your blog. If it does not have a uniform color scheme then you should make sure that something else on the image is uniform such as the font.

Having your own color scheme will also brand you as a blogger. Letting your personality shine through by creating a color scheme that fits your brand will help people to recognize your work.

Choosing a Font for your Pinterest Image

Fonts show branding. It gives your blog personality and makes it your own. Your Pinterest image should use similar fonts to your blog.

Here are some fonts I use for my Pins…

Image result for fonts playlist

Image result for fonts abril fatface

Related image

I go to Google Fonts to help me find a font that works for my blog and my pins.

I would recommend picking out 3-4 fonts for your Pinterest images. These should be the same 3-4 fonts that your website has. By using the same fonts on your blog and your Pinterest images, you seem more organized and it gives your blog a uniform feel if all your Pinterest images have the same font. People begin to notice your style and begin recognizing it as your signature.

Getting Photos for your Pinterest Image

You can get your Pinterest photos in two different ways:

Going to royalty-free sites to get photos – I list some of my favorite sites to get free photos on my resource page.

If you take your own photos – I will have some recommendations shortly...

*(find something associated with your blog post), take photo at a good angle (how to take awesome photos with your Iphone), put it on a white background, find something contrasting)

You can get someone on Fiverr to make you photo that relates to the theme of your post.

Photos don’t have to complicated. You can use some of the free stock images on Canva. I really like that Canva has premium photos for only a $1 or some that your can access using only your premium Canva membership which is only $12.95/mo.

I also like the premium membership on Canva because it allows you to resize your images so you can use the same image for a blog post title and a Pinterest Pin without having to redo it. This is the number one reason that I use the service as it saves so much time and effort.

Find a Template

Many of the graphics in Canva’s Pinterest section comes with templates. You can either make your own or use one of these. If you use one that is already made, make sure you change up the colors and fonts to make it your own.

If you create your own, make sure it is aesthetically pleasing. Balance the blocks and shapes and make sure the text is big enough to read.

Play around with the look of the pin until you like it.

Make Several Pins for each Post

It is always good to make several pins for each post. Change up the structure of them or the colors to see which ones convert the best. Once you have pinned your images you can see what are the best performing ones and keep those.

Market your post

You are all done! Now upload your image and post it on Pinterest. If you don’t know how to upload your image and attach your blog post to it on Pinterest, follow this quick tutorial.

If you want to post to Pinterest at the ideal times, setting up a service such as Tailwind can be a great way to Pin at optimal times. Using Tailwind, schedule your Pins to be posted periodically.

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