How to Keep Your Blog Professional (while still being uniquely you!)


Having a professional looking blog is important to many bloggers. There are many benefits of having a professional looking blog that can help both you and your readers.

If you are not trying to show your blog to others or profit from your blog, then you don’t have to worry about it being professional.

Although with most of us, that is not the case. We want our blogs to look professional so we can make more money.

Having a professional looking blog will:

  • provide more value for your readers as they will be able to navigate your blog easier
  • cut down your bounce rate which is how long readers stay on you blog
  • help you in gaining more profit

Don’t get me wrong, just because you apply a few tips to making your blog more professional, it doesn’t mean that your blog has to go from your unique voice to a bland lifeless report.

All you are doing by making it a little more professional is helping your readers easily read your content and navigate through your blog so they can get the most out of it.

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How to Make Your Blog More Professional

#1: Headlines

A blog that has continuous, long paragraphs is hard to read. Sometimes your blog will contain a long story about a situation that happened to you. Stories are okay, but don’t make them long and hard to read.

Piece up your content into easy to read sections. Add a headline to each section that tells what that section is about. Use the h1 and h2 headers for these sections.

The sections don’t have to be keyword oriented, although sometimes they are and this will attract more attention from Google and gain more traffic. It will also be easier for your audience to skim and get the idea of the article.

#2: Make Lists

Lists with bullet points or numbers help separate your content in a readable way. Most readers who are skimming down a page will stop to read a list. It makes the content easier to read.

This particular post is a list style post. I’ve numbered the ways to make your blog more professional. I first wrote the post so I knew how many items I had on my list, then I created my title using the “__ Ways to…” format.

Having a title with a number in it, such as 10 Ways to… brings in more attention from readers who are looking for a quick solution. They will be able to skim the article and get an idea of what your content is about because it is in an easy to read list format.

#3: About Me page

Your About Me page is typically one of your most visited pages. People want to know who is talking to them. If you have a personable voice, your readers will want to know you and connect with you on a more personal level.

The About Me page gives your readers insight into the person behind the posts. It puts a real face behind the words and allows your readers to feel compassion.

Not only that, but your blog posts are your legacy. What you talk about you will be known for. A professional looking About Me page is a great way to brand yourself and what you’re about.

Hint: Along with the About Me page, you should also have an Author Box at the bottom of each post. This gives your readers a quick overview about yourself and your background. It will help them associate you with your content.

If you are having doubts about the About Me section of your blog, please read my post on My Deep Fear That Prevented Me From Getting Blog Traffic where I discuss the concept behind putting yourself out there on the web.

#4: Link to other parts of the blog or other sites

A blog is a web of posts. You, the author, is the spider. It is your job to capture the audience in your web of posts and keep them on your site.

When you write a post, you want your audience to be able to find supporting posts and useful articles that relate to that one. As your blog evolves and you add more pages, you will be able to link your pages together. You will be able to lead your audience where you want them to go.

This is especially helpful if you have links to affiliate products. Adding links to affiliate products in your blog posts can direct your visitors to a product that will benefit them. It will also make you a commission!

#5: Categories and Tags

If you are on WordPress, every blog post comes with a section on the right titled Tags and Categories. Categories is used to sort and group content into different sections. If your site has a variety of different topics, then Categories can be used to sort those topics. In order to add a new category, just click Add New Category and type it in.

If you want the Category to be under a Parent Category or broader topic, then choose it’s Parent Category. For example, you may have a category called “Baking” but your site is not all about Baking, it’s a lifestyle blog with many categories. You may choose to put “Baking” under the broader category of “Cooking”.

Tags are more specific to your blog post. For example, if you choose to do a recipe for brownies, the Tags may be Chocolate, Brownies, and Walnuts. Here’s an example…

For further explanation on the differences, see the article Categories vs. Tags.

Adding Categories and Tags will allow your readers to navigate your blog more efficiently. It will help them quickly find what they are looking for on your blog.

#6: Find Your Voice

Blogging doesn’t have to be hard to do. Think about how you would explain your concept to a friend. In fact, practice first. Pretend your friend is asking you about your topic and explain it to them.

Now you can start writing. Once you find your common speaking voice, it will be easier to write.

In the beginning, it was hard for me to find my voice. I’ve always had a unique way of writing and I never felt like it was that professional because I used the word “I” a lot.

It’s not that you can’t use the word “I” but if you are telling someone about a topic that you know about as an authority you may want to cut out “I”.

Of course, you can supplement your informative post with a story about how it directly relates to you.

You can take a paragraph or two to tell them about how the topic influenced your life. In fact, that will help you seem more personable and real. Although the entire blog post shouldn’t be you rambling.

Your blog is not only telling your situation, but also letting others know what you’ve learned from the situation and how they can benefit as well.

Make sure that you give your readers valuable and accurate information. Be informative while at the same time entertaining to read and you will keep your readers attention.

#7: Keep Your Reader Engaged

It is always good to keep in mind why your reader is on your page. You clicked this blog post because you wanted to find out how to write a blog post that is professional yet uniquely you.

If I started to stray from that topic, then you may or may not continue reading.

Keeping your reader engaged can be done in several ways. You can make lists that they can skim through easily. You can create links that direct them elsewhere on your site. You can tell an engaging story about yourself.

Make sure that your reader can come back to your blog again and again. Keep them posted on the latest improvements and posts by starting and email list.

I personally use and recommend Convertkit as it is easy to use for beginners and easy to set up automated email sequences. Start your free trial for 14 days.

However you decide to keep your reader engaged, make sure that no blog post goes without being uniquely you because that is what will keep your readers reading. Thanks!

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Bonus tip #8: Focus on the blog’s design and make sure it has a fluid color scheme. If you install a premium theme, a design and color scheme are chosen for you. You can find my recommendation for blog themes here.

Comment below with any questions or comments about how you make your blog more professional…

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